José Luis Estellés in Pirineos Classic – Música Activa

12th – 22nd of July, 2020

Pirineos Classic is a summer music course with a music festival held in Canfranc, a gorgeous spot right in the aragonese pyrenees border with France. Wonderful musicians, with great pedagogical skills, make possible that young music students find inspirational lessons in a friendly environment.


José Luis Estellés joined this music festival in 2019. You can apply to participate in his master classes, either as a clarinet player or as a member of a chamber music group, in addition to attending the numerous organized training activities and concerts.



Enrollment period is now open, check it out at Pirineos Classic – Música Activa


Impressive nature in Canfranc

Chamber music groups:

Woodwind trio, Wind Quintet, Clarinet & string quartet