MSKN MasterEnsemble is the new versatile orchestral formation in which the Master in Music Performance students obtain a high-level professional training, focusing above all on the repertoire that ranges from the 20th century classics to the première of new works.

José Luis Estellés is conducting this 2020/21 three programs.

The full program brings together a world première by the talented composer Mikel Iturregi, the ever-modern masterpiece for ensemble by Varese – Octandre-, next to the central European avant-garde music of Cerha and Rihm plus to icons of our musical tradition: Mahler’s “Titan” and Hans Zender’s Schuberts “Winterreise”.


05 oct 2020 / 12h

Día mundial de la arquitectura

Mikel Iturregi Las pausas del escombro (world première)

Myriam Pérez Cazabón choreography

José Luis Estellés conductor

05 oct 2020 / 19h

Auditorio de Musikene

Mikel Iturregi Las pausas del escombro

Edgar Varese Octandre

Wolfgang Rihm Will sound

Friedrich Cerha Quellen

José Luis Estellés conductor


29 nov 2020 / 12h

Auditorio de Musikene

Gustav Mahler Sinfonía nº 1, en re menor, „Titan“ (arr. Klaus Simon)

José Luis Estellés conductor


14 mar 2021 / 12h

Auditorio de Musikene

Hans Zender Schuberts „Winterreise“, for tenor and chamber orchestra

Josu Cabrero tenor

José Luis Estellés conductor