MSKN MasterEnsemble is a versatile orchestral formation in which the Master in Music Performance students obtain a high-level professional training, focusing above all on the repertoire that ranges from the 20th century classics to the première of new works.

José Luis Estellés is programming and conducting this 2021*22 three programs.

This new season of MSKN MasterEnsemble presents three exciting programmes: the first, eclectic in its approach, brings together works by composers as different as Nancarrow, Etler and Thomas Adès, whose early Chamber Symphony op. 2 is performed. The second programme stages Ramón Lazkano’s exquisite composition ‘Préludes’, which is performed intertwined with Chopin’s Préludes op. 28. The last programme consists of two adaptations for chamber orchestra of two essential works from the early 20th century: Claude Debussy’s Première Rhapsody and Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, in which we will see José Luis Estellés in his two facets as soloist and conductor.


07 nov 2021 / 12h

Auditorio de Musikene

Conlon Nancarrow Study nº 7 for piano player (Version for chamber orchestra: Year Mikhashoff)

Conlon Nancarrow Study nº 12 for piano player (Version for chamber orchestra: Year Mikhashoff)

Alvin Etler Quintet for brass instruments

Thomas Adès Chamber Symphony op. 2

José Luis Estellés conductor


06 feb 2022 / 12h

Auditorio de Musikene

Frédéric Chopin Préludes, op. 28

Telmo Carvajal, Marta Rama, Alberto Barba, Miguel Ituarte, Samuel Arroyo, Marta Zabaleta, Asier Oroz, Ismael Gil, Rocío Villaño, Alberto Abengozar piano

Ramón Lazkano Préludes, pour ensemble

José Luis Estellés conductor


27 mar 2022 / 12h

Auditorio de Musikene

Claude Debussy

Première Rhapsodie (Première, Version for chamber orchestra: José Luis Estellés)

Igor Stravinsky Le Sacre du printemps (Version for chamber orchestra: Jonathan McPhee)

José Luis Estellés clarinet/conductor